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How Long Did He Get?

How Long Did He Get?

Sammy Gravano got a 5 year prison sentence in 1994, however the judge noted he had already served 4 years, so Gravano was free from prison by the end of 1994 and the beginning of 1995. Gravano would have easily got life in prison and could have potentially faced capital punishment for his role in 19 murders. However he cut a deal with the FBI. After he cut this deal the NY Times and every other east coast media publication went to town on Gravano with headlines such as ‘rat’ and other names. Gravano was then relocated by the FBI to live in the desert in Arizona, but he was arrested again shortly after this which is worth researching and he is expected to stay in prison until 2018.

What Did He Do?

The Story

Gravano was the underboss for the Gamino crime family, the biggest and most powerful Italian mafia organization in the USA. Gravano was best friends and official underboss to John Gotti. Gravano was involved in 19 murders and he was a body builder who had the nickname ‘the bull’. Gravano was feared across the entire East Coast. He was aggressive and got things done. His reputation proceeded him and his relationship with Gotti was like brothers, until the fell out and Gravano later testified against his former boss and best friend.

Did He Have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic Surgery For New Appearance and Hiding

Gravano was expected to have had plastic surgery to alter his appearance after he was relocated by the FBI to Arizona. This was made in an effort to save his life, since the Gotti’s publicly still wanted to get to Gravano, after he testified against John Gotti, which led to the former boss receiving a sentence of life in prison.  Gravano looked the same as before in his 60 minutes interview which he completed while he was still under FBI protection. However since then it’s widely expected that Gravano had plastic surgery. And his appearance in court over a decade later for new charges, showed a different looking and older Gravano.

When Was He Arrested?

Arrest Date 1991

Sammy The Bull Gravano was arrested in 1991. He was arrested in the same raid as John Gotti. A funny story later came out of this arrest. Despite being arrest and the agents letting Gotti and Gravano know they had a lot of evidence and they wouldn't be beating this case, Gotti asked for another five minutes so him and Gravano could have a cup of coffee. The agents said yes and Gravano and Gotti enjoyed a coffee before going to prison. In 1994 the judge officially sentenced Gravano to five years in prison, heavily reduced due to his deal to testify against Gotti. 

Gravano had already served 4 years so he was released the following year and relocated to Arizona in the witness protection program. On the night John Gotti knew Gravano had turned to the FBI, the FBI agents let Gotti know Gravano had turned informant. Apparently Gotti was very quiet for the next two days and when he came across an FBI agent, the agent made a joke. The look in Gotti's eyes, told that agent that trouble would have happened, had Gotti not been in hand cuffs. 

Book. Is It Good?

Sammy Book Review

Sammy Gravano’s book was one of the most controversial releases in the history of publishing. After cutting a deal with law enforcement, Gravano was able to keep all of his financial means. This became a huge issue for the kids of his murder victims who were after financial compensation. It was impossible for those seeking compensation for Gravano to find how much he would earn from the book release, therefore the case went no where. According to the 60 minutes documentary, Gravano kept a large share of profit from the book. However the contract was impossible to prove, to the dismay of the children of Gravano’s victims.

Karen. Growing Media Celebrity

The Daughter of Sammy Who Is A Growing Media Personality

Karen Gravano is the daughter of Sammy Gravano. Karen has been in several television shows and she is often publishing content to various magazines and outlet sources. Karen speaks well and is intelligent, which has led to her celebrity growing considerably over the past decade. More information on Karen can be found

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Sammy The Bull Documentary : What Is Best

Best Documentaries of Gravano 

Sammy the Bull has several top line documentaries about the former underboss of the Gambino crime family. The best documentary is the info provided on Gravano in 'war against the mafia'. This outlines the FBI's fight to get all the top mafia members in prison. It took a lot of work and a lot of collaboration between senior Gambino figures and the FBI. 

Several Documentaries are of poor quality so be careful and make sure you are watching one which is accurate. You can read more about Gravano from well known online resource pages as he is one of the most popular infamous personalities of all time. Gravano has received widespread media attention, mostly infamous for his role in testifying against the late John Gotti. Gravano is said to be very wealth according to various media reports and the documentary which was aired by 60 minutes.