Thursday, 17 September 2015

Sammy The Bull Gravano Net Worth

Sammy The Bull Gravano Net Worth

Sammy the Bull Gravano is reported to have an extensive financial worth. Despite cutting a deal with the FBI during the 1990’s and providing evidence which was important, leading to the prosecution of John Gotti, Gravano was reportedly allowed to keep his vast financial resources. The deal cut led to Gravano serving 5 years in prison, however his financial means were never chased. This was according to the 60 minutes documentary which is available on youtube.

This documentary mentioned that Sammy made over $10M in the 1990’s which works out to be closer to $20M today, without all the revenue from other book sales or video sales. This is all contested and the source was a 60 minutes interview over a decade ago. Since then Gravano was re-arrested and is serving time in a federal prison, which many critics made fun of considering the FBI made a deal with Gravano only for him to re-offend again. More information can be found online if you look for enough sources.

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