Sunday, 20 September 2015

When Was He Arrested?

Arrest Date 1991

Sammy The Bull Gravano was arrested in 1991. He was arrested in the same raid as John Gotti. A funny story later came out of this arrest. Despite being arrest and the agents letting Gotti and Gravano know they had a lot of evidence and they wouldn't be beating this case, Gotti asked for another five minutes so him and Gravano could have a cup of coffee. The agents said yes and Gravano and Gotti enjoyed a coffee before going to prison. In 1994 the judge officially sentenced Gravano to five years in prison, heavily reduced due to his deal to testify against Gotti. 

Gravano had already served 4 years so he was released the following year and relocated to Arizona in the witness protection program. On the night John Gotti knew Gravano had turned to the FBI, the FBI agents let Gotti know Gravano had turned informant. Apparently Gotti was very quiet for the next two days and when he came across an FBI agent, the agent made a joke. The look in Gotti's eyes, told that agent that trouble would have happened, had Gotti not been in hand cuffs. 

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